Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cyclical Confluence

The market is at an extremely interesting juncture. The depth of the decline commencing from yesterday's reversal will reveal the technical structure of the market. A drop below 1075.00 would indicate that there is nothing below the current that would support a break in prices. There has been minimal volume since May 25th and therefore the energy of the market coming off the lows has dissipated quickly. When the short term turns down, which it may be doing currently, all three cycles will be in snyc. (21-55 & 200). Note: The 55 d ema was tested yesterday and prices could not hold above it.
If the market holds between 1075 and 1085 then the probability of a further rally into the 1150 area would increase. (a-b-c)
The minor, intermediate and long term cycles should begin to synchronize after June 28th--from then until mid-August should be filled with drama--as if we don't have enough already.

The chart includes the Russel 2000 Small Cap Index which has a very distinct wave structure. Like the other indexes, the path of least resitance will resolved in the near future.

This is a chart of the partial lunar eclipse that will occur on June 26th. Note how the planets are forming a square. This is usually interpreted in a negative manner by astrologers. This square is energized several times over the summer months--especially on the 11th of July and Aug 7th.

Also included is an 'astrograph' of Earth: where the planets will have their greatest effect during the eclipse. The eclipse occurs over the mid-Pacific and will not be widely viewed--plus it is a partial eclipse. The astro-cartography lines suggest that the Eastern United States,the north-east tip of South America and a north-south line stretching from the tip of Africa through the Middle East and Eastern Europe could be most affected. The astro-cartography lines also span across Canada before dipping into the Eastern Seaboard of the USA. Is it possible that energy will be infused into the G20- G8 Summit being held?

This partial eclipse will be followed by a total solar eclipse July 11th which will exert more 'energy'.


historyrhymes said...

What would you recommend as a learning path to learn more about "Astro-Markets"

Fibocycle said...

Check out the following analysts. They are all excellent and I am very grateful to them for what they taught me.
Arch Crawford:
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Norm Winski: norm(at)normwinski(dot)com
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