Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Thought Experiment.

Let us assume the following:
  • There exists an investment vehicle that mirrored public sentiment and was a barometer of the cultural ethos.
  • The investment vehicle was named Massive Awakening.
  • Western civilization sinks into a deep deflationary depression due to the hubris of 'fiat addicted bankers' and their spineless sycophants in the legislative bodies of the West.
  • Massive amounts of debt is extinguished as economies grind to a halt due to the paralysis of the banking system. Creditors are pissed !!!!!!!!!
  • Western civilization is forced to deal with the consequences of a culture living beyond our means. Life styles change--not through choice-- but through necessity.
How would the investment perform--better yet--the speculation perform? Considering the economic shape the world is in--investment--may be too flattering.

The attached chart is a wonder of the magic of PHI. Perhaps it will reveal the consequences of the mess we have created.

Take some time and study the amazing market geometry revealed in this chart.

If Massive Awakening breaks below 191.00, it will probably see 64.00 before it sees 270.00


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