Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why is 1107-1115 So Important.?

S&P 500
The area of 1107-1115 seems to be acting as a strange attractor in the S&P 500. The following points may be responsible for this area being so important:
  • December 31st 2009 close : 1115.10
  • December 21st Winter Solstice Close: 1114.05
  • June 21 2010 Summer Solstice close 1113.20
  • January 2010 trading range mid-point 1111.02
  • April-July 2010 down-trend Archimedes point: 1107.01
  • May 18-19, 2010 GAP during the decline 1107.34-1115.05
  • Midpoint of 'Wave iii decline (1173.57 - 1040.78) = 1107.175
Once this tug-o'-war plays out--energized by a price-time bifurcation--the markets will once again begin to trend. STAY TUNED.

S&P Midcap 400
The mid-cap index has traced out a symmetric A-B-C correction and is harmonic with a GANN calendar day count. (30-90). The symmetry of the corrective structure can be seen in the trading day count as well. A B and C are all 5 trading days in duration. It is noteworthy that both the S&P 500 and S&P 400 have--so far--failed to surpass the June 21st Wave iv highs.

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Anonymous said...

The INDU 30 on 9th of August 2010 may have been one of the best set-ups in quite some time. Indded to go short....10,719-35 (prefer no specific number) was majical in many ways! have of the reasons why, but keep looking. Did you go short?