Thursday, September 30, 2010


Here are the preliminary Energy Dates for the month of October:
  • October 4-8 with the 4th and 5th being quite significant and the 8th being very powerful. The 8th could be a huge amplitude day for the markets--all financial, currency and metal markets. If the VIX is going to break out to the upside it likely will happen next week before October 8th. A possible scenario would be for the S&P to shoot up to the 1175 time-price harmonic then begin to collapse on the 8th. However the 1175 is not absolutely required--if the markets continue to hover slightly above the 1141 level coming into next week a peak could be forming currently. Bottom line: the S&P is very close to making a significant top.
  • October 21-22: This is a time period that could see the markets meltdown--October 17-23 is a static date that has often been the time period of significant declines. (1987)
  • October 28-29: This date is particularly interesting since it will market the 81st (9X9) anniversary of the 1929 Crash.
U.S. Dollar Index
The US $ low will likely coincide with a peak in equities. The chart below shows the drastically oversold condition of the USDX. The ADX is beginning to set up for a SELL SIGNAL (see the S&P on April 26 2010 for an example of an ADX extreme sell signal) The RSI is now firmly below 30 which suggests that the market is oversold.(a divergence in this indicator would be classic)
There are some Fibonacci ratios coming into play between 76.75 and 78.25--these levels could be attained over the next few sessions.
The following dates are geometric cycle periods for the USDX:
  • Oct. 18: 300 days from Dec 22 2009 high
  • Oct. 17: 240 days from Feb 19 2010 high
  • Oct. 18: 150 days from May 21 2010 low
  • Oct. 19: 120 days from June 21 2010 low
  • Oct. 10: 270 days from Jan 13 2010 low
  • Oct. 11: 180 days from April 14 2010 low
  • Oct. 5: 120 days from June 7 2010 high
  • Oct. 5: 60 days from Aug 6 2010 low
Gann Support on the USDX is at 78.75 (225*) and 77.50 (210*)

There will be analysis on Gold and the S&P Thursday afternoon or evening.

  • Approaching 1320 as mention last week: There is strong harmonic resistance at this level.
  • Silver--which is really over-bought--could spike to the $23-$23.50 level while Gold makes a run at 1320.
S&P 500
  • The market is hovering just above the 1141 harmonic. The market stinks of manipulation the last few days--perhaps the force of the 1141 level is too much to pull away from. However, prices could break loose and spike into the 1175 area coincident with the October 4-5th Energy Date. More on this over the next few days.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

S&P & Gold Update

S&P 500 Cash
Although Friday's shenanigans were mildly entertaining--if you were there for the first half hour of trading--it is apparent that the 1141 area is still exerting its influence on the S&P. I still believe that the 1141 area continues to be as significant as the 1107 level for reasons already explained. The SPX has retraced 66% (2/3) of the April-July bear campaign while prices have resonated around the 1141 harmonic level during the latest Energy Date. While a run at 1175 is possible the market is quickly becoming exhausted even though incredible amounts of the public's savings are being invested in dividend ETFs. I cannot help but wonder if the markets do what I suspect they may over the next few years, in retrospect, dividend ETFs may be a reflection of the mutual fund fiasco of the 1970s.
  • RSI is showing signs of divergence
  • ADX suggests that even though the amplitude of the recent rally has been impressive, it is not considered to be a strongly trending market.
  • MACD is in a position to rollover
  • Thursday's low of 1122.79 could become pivotal over the next several days. A trade or especially a close below this level would suggest more downside to come.
  • A close below 1107 would be a strong indication that prices may accelerate to the downside and test the 1074 level then 1040 and then 1010. The speed at which this potential decline unfolds will present evidence of its nature. A sharp decline with volume violating the 1074 level will knock the wind out of the Bull.
  • Monitoring Volatility is the key. A sharp rise in VIX--especially above 28--will portend a serious decline is commencing.
  • A break above the recent high would likely set up a test of the 1175 level on Wednesday or Thursday Sept 30-31. This would set up the October 5-8th as a potential significant window of time.

GOLD (December Comex)
  • December Gold is showing signs of exhaustion with the ADX above the +DI and -DI
  • 1299.49 is 360 degrees up from the 1159.30 low of July 28th
  • Sun-Pluto cycle became active over the weekend.
  • Prices made a 1.272 extension of the June-July decline.
  • If the intermediate trend is to remain bullish prices should remain above 1237.90. Closes below this level would suggest a decline of a more serious nature.
  • On a short term basis, the Sept 21st low of 1272 should provide support but at the same time this level will attract prices in the event of a decline.
  • As with the S&P, the October 5-8th period looks to be significant

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Update

Things are getting back to normal so regular updates should begin again.
S&P 500
The S&P broke through the Time Price harmonic Sept 21-23 @ 1141 on Friday, but as of Monday afternoon the market has had no carry-through. (It is interesting to note that the December S&P has oscillated around the 1141 level since Friday's opening. Continue to monitor the 1141 area closely: Resistance becomes Support. Levels to watch: 1107 1128 1141 1156 1175
A possible rally to the 1175 area is still possible although the date at which this would create a time-price harmonic is more difficult to ascertain. There may be a time-price resonance if the S&P were to rally to the 1175 area on Wednesday of Thursday.(see Energy Dates on the left)
The market is becoming overbought and the bullish consensus as indicated by put-call ratios, ISEE call-put ratios and market sentiment are suggesting that there are far too many bulls showing up, expecting significantly higher prices. The market has a peculiar way of defying the wishes of the 'crowd'. (see Aug 24-27 S&P @ 1038 as a prime example)
Watch the Transports: This index may give clues as to where the general market is headed--it is still having difficulty establishing new recovery highs.

The precious metal markets are breaking to new highs but are becoming dangerously over-bought--and over believed. There is a Gann Square cluster at the 23.30-23.90 area for silver. Perhaps the market may blow off to that area before correcting. These markets will be monitored closely over the next several days. A move to 23.50 in Silver along with a advance to 1320 on Gold could set up a short term top.

More charts and analysis later this evening.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

S&P at Critical Gann and Fibonacci Level: Entering Powerful Energy Date Period.

On Thursday September 9th Gold, the USDX and the S&P all closed at a time-price harmonic which could have been the juncture for a top to be formed. However, a caveat was mentioned as follows:
...when trading a caveat is extremely important in determining trade strategy and position management.
If the 1110 area is not sufficient resistance to extinguish the recent market rally, the S&P could advance further to the 1130-1141 level. This would probably occur between now and the POWERFUL September 21-23 Energy Date period.

We are now at the above mentioned time window and the S&P closed at 1139.78 while spending a portion of the day above the critical 1141 before reversing. Once again time-price harmony has been reached in the S&P--but--this time the market is at a level where the RSI is flirting with 70 (overbought) and the S&P has retraced 61.8% of the April 26th-July 01 decline. The exact 61.8% level is 1140. This is particularly interesting since the 270 degree Gann Square level from the Aug 24th low is at 1140.04. Even Mr Bernanke and his crew of clowns could not manage to get the S&P to close above this harmonic level.
Possible Scenarios
  • The market rolls over here at the anticipated Energy Date and resume the decline that commenced on April 26th--today or tomorrow being the top of a 2 wave and the onset of a 3 wave to the downside. A close below the magical 1107 level would significantly validate this scenario. A close below 1128 would be a weaker--but an important clue that a pivot of some significance is being made.
  • The market could continue its incredible rally. A close above the 1141 level would be a strong indication that this scenario may occur. If this scenario were to unfold the next time-price resonance would likely happen near 1175 on or about September 29-30th. I think that this is the less likely case.
The Next Gann-Fibonacci Point is 1175: 360 degrees from 1041 low and a 78.6% retracement of the APRIL-July range.

A few weeks ago the financial press went 'Gaga' over the 'Hindenburg Omen'--it saturated the press to the point that even mutual fund dealers took notice. Market veterans know that when the news media grab hold of a story or fad, it usually proves to be a dude or non event--or better yet--misinterpreted by the general public. This is not to say that the Hindenburg Omen wont come to pass sometime in the near future--but this rally has extinguished the obsession the 'street' has had with it. (October 5-8th)
Another market indicator that has caught the eye of the talking heads on the financial news networks is the possibility of a DOW THEORY buy signal. This is an indicator that has significant credibility and should not be dismissed--but it has to HAPPEN before any prognostication about the future of the Dow can be made using the theory. The chart below shows the Dow Transports and Industrials: The transport have failed to confirm the Industrials rally to new highs--BUT ARE MIGHTY CLOSE TO DOING SO. Monitor the Transport closely.

On August 30th I mentioned the possibility of a reverse head and shoulders being formed but being that it was being obscured by the media's obsession with the larger conventional head and shoulders calling for a top in the market if Biblical proportions. The chart below also shows this potential pattern. Once again--this should be watched closely.

Obviously, the market is at a critical juncture coincident with a VERY powerful time period for the markets. The next few days are going to be fascinating to watch unfold.

Gold languished during most of the day and was appearing to look like it was starting to head south--even though it was not in an area where it was harmonic with either Gann Squares or Fibonacci ratios. The late day rally brought the metal back to life and is possibly setting things up for a time-price resonance later in the week at $1296 or possibly $1320. If the price were to touch 1296 or 1320 between now and Monday September 26th, a time-price harmonic would be set up for a possible pivot.

U.S. Dollar Index.

The USDX fell out of bed when gold came alive. Although the risk reward looked attractive last week, the market action spoke and erased the potential time-price set-up. This market will continue to be monitored.

U.S. T-Bonds
I have not said much about US T-Bonds since last week. 128.50 still looks like a target for prices.

Analysis on the USDX and T-Bonds will be done next week when things have quieted down around here.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

U.S. Dollar Update

Is the US $ falling into place to complement the projections for the Gold and Stock markets?

The recent decline certainly took the wind out of the sails of the nascent bulls over the last three weeks. However, it does appear that a secondary low could be in place. This fits in well with the projections for gold and the S&P 500--i.e. potential high pivots in both markets between September 20-25th.
An A-B-C style decline may have ended on Friday with a bullish hammer candlestick being formed off the 80.86 low which was a .776 retracement level of the August advance.(near 78.6% (sqrt of .618) and .236 of the rally amplitude--(.382*.618))

The "C" component of the 'A-B-C' was 1.272 times the amplitude of the "A" wave. There are several geometric cycles clustered around the current time frame that give credence to the possibility of a corrective low being formed.
  • 210 days from the Feb 19th high: September 17
  • 180 days from the March 25th high: September 21
  • 120 days from the May 19th high: September 16
  • 90 days from the June 21st minor low: September 19
Clusters like this can be quite powerful. Note how the June 21st (Summer Solstice) plays a role in the USDX, Gold and S&P markets. This is significant since we are approaching the Autumnal Equinox.

Although it is premature to state that the decline was corrective in nature--and not the start of a new impulse wave down, further upside action would begin to paint a more bullish picture for the USDX. A close on the USDX above 83.00 would be a significant bullish development.

Risk-Reward at this juncture appears to be well defined for aggressive traders.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Gold and the Equinox

As the Autumnal Equinox approaches Gold warrants our attention. The impressive rally to new highs may reach a short term peak coincident with the potential peak in Stock Index levels between September 21-27th.
The chart below indicates the Sun-Pluto aspects over the last 3 years. Although the Sun-Pluto cycle (366.73 Earth day synodic period) did not catch all the major pivots, several significant pivots occurred as the Sun-Pluto relationship hit geometric angles. The Sun is 90 degrees to Pluto on Sunday September 26, 2010

The next chart shows the significance of 1258-1260 level for Gold. Jupiter and Uranus are at approximately 358 degrees (28*Pisces) Using the price-longitude conversion:

  • 358 degrees converts to 1080 - 2 = 1078
  • The Sun is opposite (180*) on September 21st
  • 1078 + 180 = $1258.00
  • 60 degrees from 1258.00 = $1318.
$1258-1260 should act as support for GOLD.
Using the 1155.90 low of July 28, 2010: The following Gann Square Support and Resistance are:
  • 180* @ 1224.90
  • 240* @ 1248.34
  • 270* @ 1260.16
  • 300* @ 1272.96
  • 360* @ 1295.89
  • 420* @ 1320.00 (2nd Octave 360 + 60)
The levels listed above should act as support-resistance.

September 26th (Sun Pluto activation window) is 60 days from the July 28th low.
A interesting time-price harmonic occurs as follows.
  • 60 days from July 28 = Sept 26 2010
  • 60 degrees from the 1080 Equinox longitude position = 1080 + 180 + 60 = 1320
  • 420* (360 + 60) is 1320 on the Gann Square of Nine. chart. (see above)

In conclusion, here are the critical levels to watch for gold between Sept 21st and Sept 27th (Monday's opening)
  • Support should hold prices at 1260 and then 1248. A break of these levels--especially the latter-- would suggest further downside is likely.
  • Resistance should act as a ceiling for prices at 1296 and especially 1320--with resonance starting at the $1318 level. $1320 on Gold anytime next week would be quite interesting.
The market is beginning to vibrate today--1131 high--at the opening of the powerful Energy Date window. Liken this to a Tibetan Singing Bowl beginning to resonate.

Here are the vital numbers.
1128-1141 Harmonic Time-Price zone
1106--warning that a high is in. (See previous comments on the importance of 1107)
1084--sirens go off--especially on a closing basis
1073--GAME ON

Monitor VIX and Candlesticks--Volatility will begin to increase significantly if a pivot point is forming and subsequent down-leg is imminent..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Autumn Approaching

The Autumnal Equinox occurs on the 23rd. This is a rather unique equinox in that it occurs at a full moon and during a solar opposition to Jupiter and Uranus. What's more, the equinox occurs at the same position that the Cardinal T-Square that took place in early August occurred: which was coincident with the August 9th high. (0* Libra- 0* Aries). At the August 9th peak Venus had crossed the 180* (0* Libra) making an opposition to Uranus (Aug 7th) , a conjunction to Saturn (Aug 8th) and an opposition to Jupiter (Aug 9th)

The following aspects occur between September 19th and September 23rd.
  • September 19: Jupiter conjunct Uranus
  • September 21: Sun opposed both Jupiter and Uranus
  • September 23: Full Moon
  • September 23: Autumn Equinox.
The chart below shows the Aug 7th astro-chart and the September 23rd astro-chart.

Autumn Equinox September 23 2010

Cardinal T-Square August 7-9, 2010

The chart below shows the following:
  • Chicago Equity Put Call Ratio
  • VIX
The markets are showing signs of becoming over-bought--or at least--over believed by the Bull camp. These three indicators should be monitored closely for signs of exhaustion and/or reversal.

The chart below shows the following:
  • Planetary positions converted to Price for Sept 23rd
  • Geometric cycles projecting into the Sept 19-24 time frame
  • Fibonacci ratios from selected pivot points that are harmonic with the Sept 21-24 time frame.

Monitor the RSI and Stochastics for signs that the market is peaking and watch for signs of a reversal in the 1128 to 1141 price level of the S&P--especially as we approach the Equinox on September 23rd.

NOTE: Update will not be as frequent or as detailed for a few days. Any question--the email address is at the top left corner.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Update Tomorrow.

I am somewhat busy over the next few days but I am going to try to get a posting up tomorrow.
Bottom Line. I think that the September 21-23rd will be a powerful period of time and that the increasing bullish sentiment in the stock market is going to be the source of MUCH misery over the next few months for those accumulating equity positions. The market is very close to making an important top.

October 5-8th could be a VERY SCARY time period.

Intermediate Term Outlook
U.S. Dollar...stopped out of August 10th Long position Monday--Flat: Neutral to Bearish
T-Bonds--Short from August 26th--128.25 - 128.50 first anticipated support.
S&P--Short from April 28th

Friday, September 10, 2010


Daily Range
US $ : 82.84, 82.35, 82.66 --- Time Price Harmonic: 82.50

S&P Cash: 1110.25, 1101.15, 1104.18 --- T-P Harmonic: 1109-1110

Gold (Oct Comex): 1260.50, 1243.50, 1245.90 --- Time Price Harmonic: 1259.60

The S&P closed on Thursday Sept 9th at 1104.18 (Range: 1110.27--1101.15) which is very close to the projected high of 1109-1110 discussed on Monday. The market also closed slightly below the Gann Square of 1106.53 (180* from the 1040 low)
It is quite possible that the market may start to head lower--especially if the US $ commences another leg up and Gold begins either a corrective or impulse wave down. The important levels to watch to CONFIRM that a pivot has been made on the Energy Date (Sept 8-9) will be 1084.45 and 1073.50. If the S&P closes below these levels--especially 1073.50--the decline will likely begin to accelerate and quickly test the 1040 and then 1010 support levels.
However--and when trading the however caveat is extremely important in determining trade strategy and position management.
If the 1110 area is not sufficient resistance to extinguish the recent market rally, the S&P could advance further to the 1130-1141 level. This would probably occur between now and the POWERFUL September 21-23 Energy Date period.

The chart below shows the following important points:
  • The September 19-23 window is 150 days from the April 26th, 120 days from the May 25th low and 90 days from the June 21st high.
  • September 23rd is the autumnal equinox which is coincident with a Full Moon.
  • On September 19th Jupiter is conjunct Uranus. Previously Jupiter was conjunct Uranus on June 8th, 2010--the day the S&P hit a low at 1042.17
  • The August 9th high was at 1129.24. This is near the 1128.80 Gann square emanating from the 1039.70 (1041 Gann Square of Nine point) August 27th low.
  • A parallel channel using the July 1st-Aug 27th lows is near 1130-1140 on the September Energy Date.
  • On September 21st the Sun is in opposition to both Uranus and Jupiter.

If the market wants to continue to advance the above scenario will most likely play out. The next important Energy Date will be October 5th-8th. Halloween is not in October for nothing: Beware Wall Street ghosts from the past coming back to haunt the clowns that tried to subdue them 2 years ago.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gold Top?

Comment Update: 8:55pm
In response to the comments made below.

Sorry for the delay! This was supposed to be posted last evening but circumstances did not permit this to happen:
The last few updates have dealt with the US$ and the S&P. As of the time of this posting the time price harmonics seem to be working out.

There is another harmonic that should be shown: Gold
Gold is affected by the Sun,Venus, Jupiter and Pluto.
If we use the 1155.90 low of July 28th and apply a Venus longitude price square for the subsequent dates we get the prices shown below.
  • Note how the "Venus Line' contained prices on the Aug 10th and Aug 24th corrections.

The chart below shows the Venus-Jupiter, Sun Jupiter and Sun Pluto aspects transposed on a gold chart. Note how often one of these or all of these aspects cluster near pivot points.

The chat below shows today's reversal in the trend at the important 1260 area. This area is important for several reasons.
  • The 1260-1265 area is near the 1265 high of June 21st.
  • The Venus Line is at 1259.64 on Sept 9th
  • Uranus and Jupiter are at 179 degrees. (29* Virgo) Converting this to price at the third octave (360*3) 1080, equals 1080 + 179 = 1259.00. Thursday's high is 1258.90 and close is 1245.00. (Front Month October Comex)

Gold has likely made a high coincident with the Venus-Uranus-Jupiter aspect of 150 degrees.

There are some powerful cycles at work at this juncture in time and they will likely increase market volatility as we approach the autumn equinox which should prove to be quite explosive in nature. Things are about to become VERY non-linear.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Venus-Jupiter-Uranus U.S. Dollar Low?

The inverse correlation between the US$ and the S&P 500 has been commented on by various analysts over the last several months. Is there a correlation between the US$ the S&P 500 and the planets that activate pivot points: A syllogism would suggest that there is.
As the chart below indicates there is a correlation between Venus-Jupiter aspects, Venus-Uranus aspects and the US$:
  • November 25th 2009 low: Venus trine Uranus & Venus square Jupiter
  • Dec 18 2009 high: Venus square Uranus & Venus sextile Jupiter
  • Jan 13 2010 low: Venus sextile Uranus
  • Feb 19 2010 high: Venus conjunct Jupiter (actual date Feb 17th)
  • June 7 2010 high: Venus 144* Jupiter & Venus 144 Uranus: Jupiter Uranus conjunction
  • Aug 6 2010 low: Venus 1opposed Jupiter & Venus opposed Uranus.
Between Sept 7 & 8th Venus is 150* from Jupiter and Uranus. Should there be a trend change--and--if so at what price level.

  • If you look at the Gann Hexagon chart, Jupiter and Uranus are within one degree of Aries @ 0* in the zodiac. 90* clockwise fr0m that level is 270* where the price is 82.50--today's level of the US$
  • If you look at Venus' position @ 210* and move 60* counter-clockwise to 270* it is obviously the same price level; 82.50
The prices are highlighted on the Hexagon chart: Note that at 240* the price level is 80--the level of the August 6th low when Venus was opposite both Jupiter and Uranus.

The U.S. $ may have made a significant low coincident with a high in the 1107 level of the S&P 500. Last night's Globex session hit a high of 1107.10--the area discussed at length over the last several days.

S&P Globex HIGH: 1070.10

Monday, September 6, 2010

Venus, Jupiter, Uranus & The S&P 500

Last Thursday's commentary discussed Gann theory and how a case can be made for a high in the S&P 500 on September 8th or 9th. Tonight's entry will specifically look at the role that Venus, Jupiter and Uranus will play in this possibility.

First I will demonstrate how a planet's longitude can be converted into price:
Example 1: February 5 2010
As an example let's look at Venus on February 5th 2010. At that time Venus was at 22* 28' Aquarius. Since Aquarius occupies between 300-330 of the Zodiac, this translates into a position of 322.47. (300 + 22 + 28/60).
Once this value is derived, if the market in question is not priced between 0 and 360 it must be raised to the appropriate 'octave'--or multiple of 360. These octaves as 720, 1080, 1440....

If 720 is added to the longitude the new value for Venus is 322.47 + 720 = 1042.47. On Sunday Feb. 7th Venus was 30 degrees from Uranus--both orbs are said to influence the S&P 500--therefore Venus was 'active' On Friday February 5th the low on the S&P 500 was 1044.50--2 points from the 'Venus price'

Example 2. July 1 2010
On July 1st Venus was at 19*49' Leo. This is 139.82 on a Zodiac Wheel. If the price is raised one 'octave' it becomes 139.82 + 720 = 859.82. The Zodiac is divided into 12 houses of 30 degrees each--if the price is further adjusted to incorporate the different harmonics of 30 (60, 90, 120, 150, 180) the following harmonic levels are derived.
Base 859.82
30 -- 889.82
60 -- 919.82
90 -- 949.82
120 -- 979.82
150 -- 1009.82
180 -- 1039.82

The price at the 150 degree harmonic is 1009.82. The low on July 1st was 1010.91. 1.09 points away. Furthermore, if the Venus price is raised another octave (1080) the following price is derived: 139.82 + 1080 = 1219.82. The HIGH on April 26th was 1219.80. a difference of 0.02.
The market declined 208.90 points (1219.80-1010.90) from April 26th to July 1st. The difference between the two Venus values was 210 points. ( 30*7).

  • On April 24 2010 Venus and Uranus were 60* apart
  • On June 27 2010 Venus and Uranus were 135* apart
  • On July 5 2010 Venus-Uranus were 144* apart.
  • The midpoint between June 27th and July 5th is July 1st.
September 7th- 9th 2010
On September 7th 2010 Venus will be 150 degrees from Uranus and on the 8th Venus will be 150 degrees from Jupiter. Below is a conversion of the three planetary positions for the August 9th (1129 High-1127 Close) and the September 8th possible high (1107-1110):

As can be seen above the three planets have an adjusted harmonic price level cluster between 1109 and 1110.
Interestingly, Venus Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus made harmonic aspects to each other between August 7th and 9th--the subsequent high after the April 26 -- July 1st decline. A harmonic of 225* (5 X 45) and 45* are used with the 720 Octave to derive a cluster between 1125-1127. The high on April 9th was 1129.24--THE CLOSE WAS 1127.79.

The chart of the S&P 500 below shows the outer planet aspects since January 2010. As you can see the aspects of the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus were coincident with significant trend changes in the market. (These are listed across the top of the graph) The angular relationship of Venus-Jupiter and Venus Uranus are also indicated by blue and red dots near the price levels.
The green diagonal lines represent the converted Venus price with the accompanying harmonics throughout the year. The dark green line represents the base Venus price and the 180 degree harmonic while the light green represent the 30 degree harmonics of the base price. The Red and Blue lines represent the base converted Jupiter and Uranus prices. Note what often occurs when the Venus harmonics cross the Uranus and Jupiter lines. The Venus price will be crossing the Jupiter-Uranus lines on Sept 7-8th near the 200 day moving average. (see Yellow highlighted circle)

If the 1107-1110 area does not hold the market, the next important time window will be September 18th (Jupiter-Uranus conjunction) and the powerful Sept 21-24 Energy Date window. If the rally is not contained at 1105-1115 the September 18th and 23rd windows will have a higher price harmonic.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gann Harmonics & The S&P 500

12:00 UPDATE
Prices vibrating at harmonic levels.

UPDATE: 11:11am Friday

Note: The 1105 harmonic has been hit @ the minor Sept 3rd time harmonic. A brief pullback and then a rally to the same area again after the Labor Day holiday would be a symphony of vibration.

Tonight's commentary may be long, confusing and absurd to many visitors but there is some powerful information contained here if you take the time to study this entry.

The first table shows the progression of days from the major pivot points since Feb 5 2010. The progression is made in calendar days by the geometric progression of a circle. ( 30, 60, 72, 90, 120, 135, 144, 150 & 180) As you can see many of the progressed dates fall on or near subsequent pivots dates to the root date. The dates highlighted in YELLOW are clusters that fall near the September 7-9th projected ENERGY DATE. The BLUE highlights indicate Gann Harmonic clusters that fall near the Sept 18-24 Energy Date--which is both wide and powerful. (more on this below). The climax of the latter date falls on the 21-23rd Autumn Equinox Full Moon which is coincident with a Sun opposition to Uranus and Jupiter. This date could be either a major trend change or the beginning of a market crash. Market low dates are GREEN and HIGH pivots are RED.

Geometric Pivot Point Progressions

The graph below is a supplement to the table shown above. Click to enlarge.

This is where things begin to get somewhat unorthodox for most investors.
Below is a table that W.D. Gann referred to as the "SQUARE OF NINE CHART" It is a spiral of numbers that is essentially broken into cycles. Each cycle consists of the numbers that make up each completed spiral. Below the SQAURE of Nine is a Astrological wheel for August 7, 2010.
Between Aug 3rd and August 9th the following planetary phenomena occurred:
  • Jupiter squared Pluto (90*)
  • Mars opposed Jupiter and squared Pluto
  • Venus opposed Uranus and Jupiter and conjunct Saturn
If you click the chart below and open it in another tab you will see that the spiral cycles align with the planetary conjunct-oppositions AND the pivot points on the S&P 500.
  • The conjunction and oppositions took place between 1 and 3 degrees of the Aries (0) - Libra (180) axis.
  • If you look on the left side at the 180* Saturn Conjunct Venus position the approximate low on the S&P of 1039.70 is situated there (1040-1041).
  • Straight across at the 0* line where Jupiter and Uranus are located the value is the much discussed 1106-1107 level. (also see Why is 1107-1115 so Important)
  • Using this two spots, if you move clockwise from the Venus-Saturn spot 240 degrees the price level at that point is 1129-1130--the August 9th high. This is not a coincidence.
  • Look along the bottom of the chart. The prices there represent intra-day resistance and overnight gap levels of the latest decline. Note that the 45 degree line down from the Jupiter Uranus conjunction is 1090--this evening's close--September 3rd--a progressed date from the May 6th and July 20th lows. The close on August 27th--the day of the low was 1064.59. That is one point away from being 180 degrees from the 1129 high of August 9th.
  • Straight above the 1064 level is 1148-1149--the January 11th high.
  • Look at the important pivots on the S&P chart--the intraday lows, the highs and the closes--note how often the 1041 , 1064 1107 and 1130 level come into play. Now look at the chart and note how the Harmonic cycle progressions are at or near this levels.

This is the astrological wheel for August 7th 2010. Note the conjunctions and oppositions at the cardinal points. 0-180 & 270 degrees in the Zodiac. Compare these positions to the Gann Square of Nine above.

My work suggests that the markets will be activated in the Sept-8-9th period. This is due to both Fibonacci and Gann cycle progressions and the activity taking place in the heavens. On Sept 8-9 the following 'astro' events take place.
  • Venus is 150 degrees to Jupiter and Uranus: a 30 degree harmonic progression.
  • Venus moves from Libra into Scorpio at 210 degrees. 180 from this on the S9 chart is 1115. The 1107-1115 has been discussed at length in the last few months.
  • Venus is trined (120) Neptune.
  • There is a new moon on August 8th. The new moon (sun-moon conjunction) takes place at 15 degrees of Virgo. (165) 180 degrees from this point on the S9 chart is 1100-1101--THE AUGUST 17th high. (1100.14)
If the S&P can move higher than the 1090 resistance (45 degree line) and edges higher into the 1100-1107 area on Sept 8-9th, a possible pivot point could form and the market would reverse downwards. The Venetian influence could possibly cause a spike into the 1115 area during the trading session. This type of intra-day spike would certainly take out many short stops and enliven the bullish camp.

The chart below is of the September S&P contract. Gann support resistance levels have been progressed to September 8th.

Astro-Wheel for Sept 8 2010

The next major astro-Gann event will take place on September 23rd when the Sun is at the same spot as the Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Pluto configuration that was made at the August 9th high. To add some spice to this there is also a full moon (sun-moon opposition) while both orbs are changing signs. Sun into Libra and Moon in Aries.

The remainder of the month should be incredibly interesting.

UPDATE Tonight after MIDNIGHT.

Degrees 1040
30 1051
45 1056
60 1062
90 1072
120 1083
135 1089
150 1094
180 1105

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 2010 Energy Dates

Sept. 8-9******
Sept. 13-15**
Sept. 19-23 ****
Sept 21-23 ************
Sept. 29-30 ******
* denotes potential intensity and/or significance