Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Autumn Approaching

The Autumnal Equinox occurs on the 23rd. This is a rather unique equinox in that it occurs at a full moon and during a solar opposition to Jupiter and Uranus. What's more, the equinox occurs at the same position that the Cardinal T-Square that took place in early August occurred: which was coincident with the August 9th high. (0* Libra- 0* Aries). At the August 9th peak Venus had crossed the 180* (0* Libra) making an opposition to Uranus (Aug 7th) , a conjunction to Saturn (Aug 8th) and an opposition to Jupiter (Aug 9th)

The following aspects occur between September 19th and September 23rd.
  • September 19: Jupiter conjunct Uranus
  • September 21: Sun opposed both Jupiter and Uranus
  • September 23: Full Moon
  • September 23: Autumn Equinox.
The chart below shows the Aug 7th astro-chart and the September 23rd astro-chart.

Autumn Equinox September 23 2010

Cardinal T-Square August 7-9, 2010

The chart below shows the following:
  • Chicago Equity Put Call Ratio
  • VIX
The markets are showing signs of becoming over-bought--or at least--over believed by the Bull camp. These three indicators should be monitored closely for signs of exhaustion and/or reversal.

The chart below shows the following:
  • Planetary positions converted to Price for Sept 23rd
  • Geometric cycles projecting into the Sept 19-24 time frame
  • Fibonacci ratios from selected pivot points that are harmonic with the Sept 21-24 time frame.

Monitor the RSI and Stochastics for signs that the market is peaking and watch for signs of a reversal in the 1128 to 1141 price level of the S&P--especially as we approach the Equinox on September 23rd.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing post as always. The sept 21-23 dates are sure interesting. I think we will rocket those days and then an epic decline afterwards

Thanks for your hard work