Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gann Harmonics & The S&P 500

12:00 UPDATE
Prices vibrating at harmonic levels.

UPDATE: 11:11am Friday

Note: The 1105 harmonic has been hit @ the minor Sept 3rd time harmonic. A brief pullback and then a rally to the same area again after the Labor Day holiday would be a symphony of vibration.

Tonight's commentary may be long, confusing and absurd to many visitors but there is some powerful information contained here if you take the time to study this entry.

The first table shows the progression of days from the major pivot points since Feb 5 2010. The progression is made in calendar days by the geometric progression of a circle. ( 30, 60, 72, 90, 120, 135, 144, 150 & 180) As you can see many of the progressed dates fall on or near subsequent pivots dates to the root date. The dates highlighted in YELLOW are clusters that fall near the September 7-9th projected ENERGY DATE. The BLUE highlights indicate Gann Harmonic clusters that fall near the Sept 18-24 Energy Date--which is both wide and powerful. (more on this below). The climax of the latter date falls on the 21-23rd Autumn Equinox Full Moon which is coincident with a Sun opposition to Uranus and Jupiter. This date could be either a major trend change or the beginning of a market crash. Market low dates are GREEN and HIGH pivots are RED.

Geometric Pivot Point Progressions

The graph below is a supplement to the table shown above. Click to enlarge.

This is where things begin to get somewhat unorthodox for most investors.
Below is a table that W.D. Gann referred to as the "SQUARE OF NINE CHART" It is a spiral of numbers that is essentially broken into cycles. Each cycle consists of the numbers that make up each completed spiral. Below the SQAURE of Nine is a Astrological wheel for August 7, 2010.
Between Aug 3rd and August 9th the following planetary phenomena occurred:
  • Jupiter squared Pluto (90*)
  • Mars opposed Jupiter and squared Pluto
  • Venus opposed Uranus and Jupiter and conjunct Saturn
If you click the chart below and open it in another tab you will see that the spiral cycles align with the planetary conjunct-oppositions AND the pivot points on the S&P 500.
  • The conjunction and oppositions took place between 1 and 3 degrees of the Aries (0) - Libra (180) axis.
  • If you look on the left side at the 180* Saturn Conjunct Venus position the approximate low on the S&P of 1039.70 is situated there (1040-1041).
  • Straight across at the 0* line where Jupiter and Uranus are located the value is the much discussed 1106-1107 level. (also see Why is 1107-1115 so Important)
  • Using this two spots, if you move clockwise from the Venus-Saturn spot 240 degrees the price level at that point is 1129-1130--the August 9th high. This is not a coincidence.
  • Look along the bottom of the chart. The prices there represent intra-day resistance and overnight gap levels of the latest decline. Note that the 45 degree line down from the Jupiter Uranus conjunction is 1090--this evening's close--September 3rd--a progressed date from the May 6th and July 20th lows. The close on August 27th--the day of the low was 1064.59. That is one point away from being 180 degrees from the 1129 high of August 9th.
  • Straight above the 1064 level is 1148-1149--the January 11th high.
  • Look at the important pivots on the S&P chart--the intraday lows, the highs and the closes--note how often the 1041 , 1064 1107 and 1130 level come into play. Now look at the chart and note how the Harmonic cycle progressions are at or near this levels.

This is the astrological wheel for August 7th 2010. Note the conjunctions and oppositions at the cardinal points. 0-180 & 270 degrees in the Zodiac. Compare these positions to the Gann Square of Nine above.

My work suggests that the markets will be activated in the Sept-8-9th period. This is due to both Fibonacci and Gann cycle progressions and the activity taking place in the heavens. On Sept 8-9 the following 'astro' events take place.
  • Venus is 150 degrees to Jupiter and Uranus: a 30 degree harmonic progression.
  • Venus moves from Libra into Scorpio at 210 degrees. 180 from this on the S9 chart is 1115. The 1107-1115 has been discussed at length in the last few months.
  • Venus is trined (120) Neptune.
  • There is a new moon on August 8th. The new moon (sun-moon conjunction) takes place at 15 degrees of Virgo. (165) 180 degrees from this point on the S9 chart is 1100-1101--THE AUGUST 17th high. (1100.14)
If the S&P can move higher than the 1090 resistance (45 degree line) and edges higher into the 1100-1107 area on Sept 8-9th, a possible pivot point could form and the market would reverse downwards. The Venetian influence could possibly cause a spike into the 1115 area during the trading session. This type of intra-day spike would certainly take out many short stops and enliven the bullish camp.

The chart below is of the September S&P contract. Gann support resistance levels have been progressed to September 8th.

Astro-Wheel for Sept 8 2010

The next major astro-Gann event will take place on September 23rd when the Sun is at the same spot as the Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Pluto configuration that was made at the August 9th high. To add some spice to this there is also a full moon (sun-moon opposition) while both orbs are changing signs. Sun into Libra and Moon in Aries.

The remainder of the month should be incredibly interesting.


Anonymous said...

Were you expecting this pullback today to the 1095 area? After this new highs till about sept 9th?

Fibocycle said...

I think that a likely scenario would be as follows:
On Tuesday the market may hover around the 1101-1105 level and then experience a slight pullback to the 1090-1095 level (135 and 150 degree harmonic). Then, on Wednesday the market may resume its rally into the 1105-1107 area and possibly spike to the 1115 level--although this is unlikely. After the Wednesday or early Thursday test of the 1107 level a reversal should take place. The extent of this reversal will tell much about the next several weeks of market action. A break of the 1074 level will suggest to me that a significant decline will have started. If this is happens the 23rd 24th of the month should be the beginning of a horrendous sell off.
Alternatively, if the market can work its way above 1110 on a closing basis the next window for a trend change will be in the 23-24th--possibly at the 1130 or 1141 area.
A move above 1130 would call into question the validity of the entire bear market argument expressed by the Elliott Wave aficionados.

Fibocycle said...

The 1107-1115 level is critically important. See previous blogs wrt the 1107-1115 price harmonic.

Billy said...

Robert McHugh from Main Line Investors is saying basically the same thing. I believe he said there's going to be a roughly 2-3% pullback and then the upcoming C wave would end approx Sept 10-11th.

Any books you recommend for learning more about Gann? Interesting stuff. Thanks.

Fibocycle said...

Here is a link to Bill McLaren Gann Made Easy course:

Patrick Mikula's "Gann's Scientific Methods Unveiled: Volume One can be downloaded via SCRIBD @

These are to great places to get stated. Also Arch Crawford's Advisory "Crawford Perspectives" is an excellent newsletter that uses a lot of Gann methods. Mr. Crawford has a VERY good record for market timing.
Also: Learn as much as you can about basic astrology.
Hope this helps.

Fibocycle said...

WRT the possibility of the "C" wave. If the September 8th-9th is going to be harmonic the S&P should be around 1105-1107 in that time period. If the market wants to stay even or advance more then the market could hang in there until the Sept 22-23 rd time frame find harmonic vibration at either 1107 or 1129-1131. I think that the prior scenario is more likely i.e. Sept 8-9 @ 1105-1107--with a possible mid day spike to 1115 followed by a reversal.