Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gold Top?

Comment Update: 8:55pm
In response to the comments made below.

Sorry for the delay! This was supposed to be posted last evening but circumstances did not permit this to happen:
The last few updates have dealt with the US$ and the S&P. As of the time of this posting the time price harmonics seem to be working out.

There is another harmonic that should be shown: Gold
Gold is affected by the Sun,Venus, Jupiter and Pluto.
If we use the 1155.90 low of July 28th and apply a Venus longitude price square for the subsequent dates we get the prices shown below.
  • Note how the "Venus Line' contained prices on the Aug 10th and Aug 24th corrections.

The chart below shows the Venus-Jupiter, Sun Jupiter and Sun Pluto aspects transposed on a gold chart. Note how often one of these or all of these aspects cluster near pivot points.

The chat below shows today's reversal in the trend at the important 1260 area. This area is important for several reasons.
  • The 1260-1265 area is near the 1265 high of June 21st.
  • The Venus Line is at 1259.64 on Sept 9th
  • Uranus and Jupiter are at 179 degrees. (29* Virgo) Converting this to price at the third octave (360*3) 1080, equals 1080 + 179 = 1259.00. Thursday's high is 1258.90 and close is 1245.00. (Front Month October Comex)

Gold has likely made a high coincident with the Venus-Uranus-Jupiter aspect of 150 degrees.

There are some powerful cycles at work at this juncture in time and they will likely increase market volatility as we approach the autumn equinox which should prove to be quite explosive in nature. Things are about to become VERY non-linear.


Anonymous said...

If gold topped and will start a down turn, won't that mean that SPX will continue to rise?

Fibocycle said...

I have posted a chart showing October Gold vs. The E-Mini contract. There does not seem to be a constant and predictive correlation between the two. Any correlation is rather short lived and if a longer term study was done it would likely be found that the regression coefficient would be low. (Chart is posted at the top)
My analysis does not incorporate any 'fundamentals' it is based purely on sacred geometry. However, there has been a plethora of economists that claim that there is indeed a economic relationship between Gold and Stocks. I am more comfortable depending on pure mathematics than economics.

Anonymous said...

economics is a joke field. should be ranked number two after tragy-comedy.

lately gold kept rising while stocks were rising