Friday, September 10, 2010


Daily Range
US $ : 82.84, 82.35, 82.66 --- Time Price Harmonic: 82.50

S&P Cash: 1110.25, 1101.15, 1104.18 --- T-P Harmonic: 1109-1110

Gold (Oct Comex): 1260.50, 1243.50, 1245.90 --- Time Price Harmonic: 1259.60

The S&P closed on Thursday Sept 9th at 1104.18 (Range: 1110.27--1101.15) which is very close to the projected high of 1109-1110 discussed on Monday. The market also closed slightly below the Gann Square of 1106.53 (180* from the 1040 low)
It is quite possible that the market may start to head lower--especially if the US $ commences another leg up and Gold begins either a corrective or impulse wave down. The important levels to watch to CONFIRM that a pivot has been made on the Energy Date (Sept 8-9) will be 1084.45 and 1073.50. If the S&P closes below these levels--especially 1073.50--the decline will likely begin to accelerate and quickly test the 1040 and then 1010 support levels.
However--and when trading the however caveat is extremely important in determining trade strategy and position management.
If the 1110 area is not sufficient resistance to extinguish the recent market rally, the S&P could advance further to the 1130-1141 level. This would probably occur between now and the POWERFUL September 21-23 Energy Date period.

The chart below shows the following important points:
  • The September 19-23 window is 150 days from the April 26th, 120 days from the May 25th low and 90 days from the June 21st high.
  • September 23rd is the autumnal equinox which is coincident with a Full Moon.
  • On September 19th Jupiter is conjunct Uranus. Previously Jupiter was conjunct Uranus on June 8th, 2010--the day the S&P hit a low at 1042.17
  • The August 9th high was at 1129.24. This is near the 1128.80 Gann square emanating from the 1039.70 (1041 Gann Square of Nine point) August 27th low.
  • A parallel channel using the July 1st-Aug 27th lows is near 1130-1140 on the September Energy Date.
  • On September 21st the Sun is in opposition to both Uranus and Jupiter.

If the market wants to continue to advance the above scenario will most likely play out. The next important Energy Date will be October 5th-8th. Halloween is not in October for nothing: Beware Wall Street ghosts from the past coming back to haunt the clowns that tried to subdue them 2 years ago.


Souljester said...

I find this blog fascinating. I use scnearios, counterfactuals, and basic TA (envelopes/smas/abcs) for trading. What I find particularly fascinating is for the time I have been watching this blog, it jives with what charts are showing. Very, very interesting. Anything you can do to add explanation at times would be awesome, but what you are doing here is really, really fascinating regardless (i.e., not a criticism whatsoever). Thanks and have a great weekend.

Fibocycle said...

Thank you very much--I appreciate your comments. I also appreciate your request for a more instructive blog--which was my original intent. I strongly believe that the execution of trades should be strategized by the speculator and that information such as is shown here be used only as a supplemental piece of evidence needed to trade successfully. I am somewhat busy over the next few days but I am going to try to get a posting up tomorrow.
Bottom Line. I think that the 21-23rd will be a powerful period of time and that the increasing bullish sentiment in the stock market is going to be the source of MUCH misery over the next few months. The market is very close to making an important top.

October 5-8th could be a VERY SCARY time period.

Thank you for the comments..please feel free to make them anytime. My address is at the top left of the page if you want to ask other questions.