Monday, September 6, 2010

Venus, Jupiter, Uranus & The S&P 500

Last Thursday's commentary discussed Gann theory and how a case can be made for a high in the S&P 500 on September 8th or 9th. Tonight's entry will specifically look at the role that Venus, Jupiter and Uranus will play in this possibility.

First I will demonstrate how a planet's longitude can be converted into price:
Example 1: February 5 2010
As an example let's look at Venus on February 5th 2010. At that time Venus was at 22* 28' Aquarius. Since Aquarius occupies between 300-330 of the Zodiac, this translates into a position of 322.47. (300 + 22 + 28/60).
Once this value is derived, if the market in question is not priced between 0 and 360 it must be raised to the appropriate 'octave'--or multiple of 360. These octaves as 720, 1080, 1440....

If 720 is added to the longitude the new value for Venus is 322.47 + 720 = 1042.47. On Sunday Feb. 7th Venus was 30 degrees from Uranus--both orbs are said to influence the S&P 500--therefore Venus was 'active' On Friday February 5th the low on the S&P 500 was 1044.50--2 points from the 'Venus price'

Example 2. July 1 2010
On July 1st Venus was at 19*49' Leo. This is 139.82 on a Zodiac Wheel. If the price is raised one 'octave' it becomes 139.82 + 720 = 859.82. The Zodiac is divided into 12 houses of 30 degrees each--if the price is further adjusted to incorporate the different harmonics of 30 (60, 90, 120, 150, 180) the following harmonic levels are derived.
Base 859.82
30 -- 889.82
60 -- 919.82
90 -- 949.82
120 -- 979.82
150 -- 1009.82
180 -- 1039.82

The price at the 150 degree harmonic is 1009.82. The low on July 1st was 1010.91. 1.09 points away. Furthermore, if the Venus price is raised another octave (1080) the following price is derived: 139.82 + 1080 = 1219.82. The HIGH on April 26th was 1219.80. a difference of 0.02.
The market declined 208.90 points (1219.80-1010.90) from April 26th to July 1st. The difference between the two Venus values was 210 points. ( 30*7).

  • On April 24 2010 Venus and Uranus were 60* apart
  • On June 27 2010 Venus and Uranus were 135* apart
  • On July 5 2010 Venus-Uranus were 144* apart.
  • The midpoint between June 27th and July 5th is July 1st.
September 7th- 9th 2010
On September 7th 2010 Venus will be 150 degrees from Uranus and on the 8th Venus will be 150 degrees from Jupiter. Below is a conversion of the three planetary positions for the August 9th (1129 High-1127 Close) and the September 8th possible high (1107-1110):

As can be seen above the three planets have an adjusted harmonic price level cluster between 1109 and 1110.
Interestingly, Venus Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus made harmonic aspects to each other between August 7th and 9th--the subsequent high after the April 26 -- July 1st decline. A harmonic of 225* (5 X 45) and 45* are used with the 720 Octave to derive a cluster between 1125-1127. The high on April 9th was 1129.24--THE CLOSE WAS 1127.79.

The chart of the S&P 500 below shows the outer planet aspects since January 2010. As you can see the aspects of the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus were coincident with significant trend changes in the market. (These are listed across the top of the graph) The angular relationship of Venus-Jupiter and Venus Uranus are also indicated by blue and red dots near the price levels.
The green diagonal lines represent the converted Venus price with the accompanying harmonics throughout the year. The dark green line represents the base Venus price and the 180 degree harmonic while the light green represent the 30 degree harmonics of the base price. The Red and Blue lines represent the base converted Jupiter and Uranus prices. Note what often occurs when the Venus harmonics cross the Uranus and Jupiter lines. The Venus price will be crossing the Jupiter-Uranus lines on Sept 7-8th near the 200 day moving average. (see Yellow highlighted circle)

If the 1107-1110 area does not hold the market, the next important time window will be September 18th (Jupiter-Uranus conjunction) and the powerful Sept 21-24 Energy Date window. If the rally is not contained at 1105-1115 the September 18th and 23rd windows will have a higher price harmonic.


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Amazing analysis! Thank you for all your hard work.

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As Mr Spock would say: this is fascinating, and I would add, curiously logical ! Please keep on this hard work, I think that you will soon or late be recognized for your contribution to the trading community. You are in my 1st bookmark now. Thank you. Carl V.