Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Venus-Jupiter-Uranus U.S. Dollar Low?

The inverse correlation between the US$ and the S&P 500 has been commented on by various analysts over the last several months. Is there a correlation between the US$ the S&P 500 and the planets that activate pivot points: A syllogism would suggest that there is.
As the chart below indicates there is a correlation between Venus-Jupiter aspects, Venus-Uranus aspects and the US$:
  • November 25th 2009 low: Venus trine Uranus & Venus square Jupiter
  • Dec 18 2009 high: Venus square Uranus & Venus sextile Jupiter
  • Jan 13 2010 low: Venus sextile Uranus
  • Feb 19 2010 high: Venus conjunct Jupiter (actual date Feb 17th)
  • June 7 2010 high: Venus 144* Jupiter & Venus 144 Uranus: Jupiter Uranus conjunction
  • Aug 6 2010 low: Venus 1opposed Jupiter & Venus opposed Uranus.
Between Sept 7 & 8th Venus is 150* from Jupiter and Uranus. Should there be a trend change--and--if so at what price level.

  • If you look at the Gann Hexagon chart, Jupiter and Uranus are within one degree of Aries @ 0* in the zodiac. 90* clockwise fr0m that level is 270* where the price is 82.50--today's level of the US$
  • If you look at Venus' position @ 210* and move 60* counter-clockwise to 270* it is obviously the same price level; 82.50
The prices are highlighted on the Hexagon chart: Note that at 240* the price level is 80--the level of the August 6th low when Venus was opposite both Jupiter and Uranus.

The U.S. $ may have made a significant low coincident with a high in the 1107 level of the S&P 500. Last night's Globex session hit a high of 1107.10--the area discussed at length over the last several days.

S&P Globex HIGH: 1070.10

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