Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Copper: Square of Nine

Several Markets are in extreme technical conditions. Monitor the U.S. Dollar and metals markets for clues about the S&P. A spike into the 1170s and subsequent reversal would be dramatic for the S&P but if the other markets fade here, the S&P will likely follow.
The Copper chart is resonating with time as can be seen in the Square of Nine chart below.

Copper is 180 degrees from the low and the current position of Mars. (October 7-12 Scorpio 26-28 --226-228*)


Joge said...

I like your secret corner here.
Do you have any projections of sp500 for early next year?

Fibocycle said...

I may have by the end of this week. I think that the S&P is vulnerable to a sharp decline--at a minimum--that will happen without much warning. Having said that, with the S&P approaching the 1174-1176 area--today could be sufficient--the likelihood of that type of decline increases. Next week is option expiry--a perfect opportunity to capitalize on large market moves.

klout said...

fibo...thanks for the sq9 chart....great the way the house cusps are displayed over the sq9 grid....do u have a link to the software?

i studied sepheral ....here is what he said as it relates to ur analysis.

1. find the sun and house the sun resided in (oct14 = libra = decan)

2. now find the ruler of that house (libra=venus)

3. now find the angle of the ruler (venus=scorpio 12* 27 =227.5*)

right on the green angle on ur chart....bingo !!!

Fibocycle said...

Venus is at 2220degrees 12*28 Sc

however Mars--the ruler of Copper is at 20*Scorpio
230 degrees
180 degrees from 260 = 50 *

Sq of 9 at 50* = 382-383 a possible reversal or it will continue to follow the Mars longitude higher.

Fibocycle said...

opps Venus is at 12 Scorpio = 210 + 12 = 222 degrees. which is about 378 on Copper..breaking below Venus at 378 the correction will be confirmed.

Quality Stocks said...

Great Site...Keep it up.

klout said...

ur right...sorry my mistake....210 +12.5 is correct

do u have a favorite planet to watch for sugar???....i like trading SB

a real mind bending sight for mr. gann interpretations is the material written by peter palaskas

look here at several different pages on menu to the left on this page:


let me know what u think

Fibocycle said...

That site is fascinating. The three dimensional effect of cubing the time-price horizon is extremely cool. The Jupiter transit scaled to 10:1 is quite interesting. (3600 points in 10 years) I think it would be very interesting to put price-time longitude lines on the chart and see how Jupiter does.
Absolutely Fascinating