Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Municipal Bonds Could be a PROBLEM

U.S. Dollar
The USDX broke above the previous pivot and is remaining to be contained within the parallelepiped shown on November 12th.
There is a harmonic time cluster the week of Dec 13-17th. If the USDX can break above the resistance indicated on the chart a strong move into mid-December is quite likely.

The S&P is just above a critical pivot @ 1173.00. The next pivot support is @ 1159.71. While a continuation of the August 27th rally to the 1250 projection is still possible the market should hold above the 1173.00 level--definitely the 1159.71 pivot. There is a time harmonic cluster for the S&P between Dec 18 and Dec 22.

The hideous looking Municipal Bond ETF bears close scrutiny over the next few weeks. Are 'munis' the next shoe to drop?

The cluster of time harmonics for the various markets--gold-US$--S&P suggests that the week before Christmas may have some surprises in store for the financial world.


ricardo said...

Dear Fibo,

As you date cluster you calculate below like this

you take 1Jul-24 May=66 days then you (66*180)/360 and add to last swing 1Jul to project the next days? Or could you explain the method you calculate?

Thanks a lot

Fibocycle said...

april 26 - july 1 = 66 days
1/2 or 180* = 33 days
July 1 + 33d = aug 2
July 1 + 66 sept 5th....

just projecting the 66 linear time cycle

in addition to projecting straight linear days to july 1st or april 26 to get geometric dates...

use these with other cycles and geopmetric dates to see if there are cluster...
example use
Feb 5 2010-April 26th
April 26 - June 21
June 21 - aug 9
July 1 Aug 9
July Aug 27
April 26 Aug 27
project these cycles.


project those idividual dates..

do this ad cherck out what happes i the third week of oveber..Ow....Dec 17-22d...Ja 7th Frb 3-7th..

Clusters begi to appear suggestig lots of eergy i the arkets o those dates

you ca also do this with fibo uber like you did with Weekly Gold--which i posted