Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vernal Equinox Chart
The Spring Equinox--March 20 @ 7:21pm edt--will be powerful this year since a full moon occurs one day before on Saturday March 19th at 2:10 pm edt. A conjunction of the Sun and Uranus will occur on Monday the 21st @ 8:24am. This has a powerful 'signature' which may be symbolic of volatility, unexpected and profound change and intense social behavior. The opening of the NYSE Monday morning may be one to remember.
The harmonic support levels associated with this phenomena are:
1080 + 240 = 1320
1080 + 180 = 1260.
1080 + 120 = 1200

Dow Transports
The Transports have not deteriorated as much as the S&P which can be considered somewhat bullish--but the swing chart has turned down and a break of the recent lows--especially on a closing basis may be accompanied by further weakness in the broad markets. A close below 4722.72 would be a very bearish signal for the future direction of the markets.

S&P 500
The swing chart turned down when the S&P broke the 1294.26 low and 1306.10 low close this week. The market has found some Fibonacci support at the lower levels of Tuesdays trading range. The swing pivot at 1294-1306 may be a strong resistance area that will stop any sustained advance--however--a close above 1306 would have to be considered at least a short term bullish indication. This weekend is quite powerful from a cyclical perspective with the March 28-30th time frame also being significant. If the Bull is to reassert itself a low should be seen during one of these time frames.

VIX: No Break out yet..................

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