Monday, April 4, 2011

Three Peaks and the Domed House

Although the latest pattern is not 'verbatim', the trading in gold since the June 28, 2010 low looks eerily like a Three Peaks and a Domed House pattern discovered by George Lindsay. If the swing low at 1410.20 is taken out a very large decline could ensue.

Correction from original posting.
45 degree from July 28 2010 @ 1405.90 1.00 point / calendar day
60 degree from Jan 28 2011 @ 1422.42 1.73 points per calendar day

Note where the 45 and 60 degree lines intersect...March 13, 2011 @ 1384. The recent low was at 1382.50 on March 15th.


Anonymous said...

scares the poop outa me

Bob Rawks

Fibocycle said...

datzzz right !!!!!

Les said...

It's at point 19. The decline should hold near the March lows.

Joge said...

I think gold is headed to 1500 and up