Thursday, December 8, 2011

Potential Cycle Change

The circles are based upon the July 7-October 4 decline.
Light Blue: Cycle Harmonic
Dark Blue: Time Harmonic
Pink: 1/2 Cycle Harmonic
Green: 1/2 Price Harmonic
Orange: 1/2 Time Harmonic

  • Note where the various harmonics intersect the horizontal line from the October 4th low there are changes of trend. There is a change of trend due in this time frame since  it is harmonic with the 1/2 Cycle Harmonic. (pink circle--yellow highlight)
  • The angular light blue angle moving to the right is 90 degrees from the July-October trend. A break of this level which is approximately @ 1220 would signal a resumption of  the down trend.
  • The circles seem to contain prices as well--except for over-shots at the trend change intersections.
February Gold

The June-August 1/2 cycle delineates Support and resistance quite well when a Pythagorean analysis is applied. $1675 should hold if the intermediate trend is to remain bullish.

US Dollar Index

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