Monday, December 12, 2011

Make or Break Moment for Gold

GOLD and Sacred Geometry

The vesica piscis has been the subject of mystical speculation since early times and is used in many cultural art forms and sacred geometry. A fascinating propety of the vesica piscic is that the ratio of the height:width is 1.73 (square root of 3 & tan 60 degrees). The 'spine' or center line of the vesica piscis (VP) is shown in the chart of gold below as  the purple line marked VP. A parallel line to the VP is shown in orange and emanates from the important Jan 28 2011 low.
  • Note how price and time react to the VP and related parallel line. Prices seem to be contained in the channel--except for the blow-off to point X which marked the most recent high. The tangent at X is parallel to VP  by definition.
  • What needs to be noticed now is that:
  1. The current price $1663 is at the orange parallel line and is also at point Z , which represents the circumference of the circle centered at Y.
  2. The vesica piscis channel has contained much of the advance in gold and is currently being tested.
  3. The decline could extend to point X (app. $1625) without inflicting to much damage--but if Gold trades below point Z which will be outside the circle, defined by radius YZ, much lower prices can be expected.


scotty said...

Monday Update

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"vesica piscis" ? wow you can learn something everyday in this business ! Thanks for posting

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This is very good work Pete!

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Nice call!

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5 Waves up 3 Waves down

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$1587 Lets see where the ride takes us

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