Friday, December 16, 2011

S&P 500 & USDX

The 'root' of the USDX chart below is line AB which represents the decline in October.
  • Note what happened when the red arc and blue arc met--which is at the vesica piscis (VP) (Nov 25 @ 79.70). Prices then began to decline, contained within the circumference of the blue circle, and then exploded out to the upside when DC and BC met.
  • The VP line intersects cycle harmonic lines projected from D and C at approximately 81.20 sometime between Christmas and the beginning of January 2012.
If the USDX is near 81.20 between Christmas and the New Year a high pivot may form.

S&P 500

In the chart of the S&P 500 below two swings are analyzed.
  • The top chart is based upon the root AB ( the October advance) and is represented by the red and green circles with the VP shown in purple.
  • Note what happened when time reached point C which represents the Pythagorean triangle based on AB--the projected Dec 7th turning energy date.
  • Since that high prices have broken out of the green circle to the downside and first support is found at the AC extension near 1175 just after Dec 19th--which is in the Dec 19-21 projected energy date window.

  • The lower chart  is based on the November decline DE.
  • EF represents the right angle from the DE decline. EF intersects the red circle at F which corresponds to the projected Dec 19-21st energy date mentioned in the chart above and in previous updates.
Bottom Line: The 1175 area could be the level of the next pivot  in the Dec. 19-21st time frame.


scotty said...

Think the metals hold here
for............. awhile

Fibocycle said...

they are pretty oversold...going to try to nail down some geometric dates this weekend.