Friday, January 13, 2012

S&P Setting Up for High Pivot

S&P 500
  • January Energy Date: Jan 17-23
  • ideal technical set up for a high (RSI, Bollinger & ADX)
  • a non-confirmed rally into Jan 18-20th would complete the ideal set up
  • Dec. 19 low @ 1202 is a critical swing pivot: if violated the intermediate trend could turn down
  • Geometric from July 7 - October 4th decline
  • S&P is at diagonal resistance and cycle frontier
  • important support @ 1250

  • Geometric from October-Nov decline
  • market is breaking through diagonal support from November low
  • Critical support at 1250 from July 7th high


scotty said...

Beautiful Stuff Fibocycle

Fibocycle said...

next week should be interesting (to say the least)

scotty said...

Gold Traders.......Have you seen this...
Your missing out This is SPX Gann Chart VerKool

Have a relaxing weekend.....Scotty

johnny said...


johnny said...

What is the top for this wave and how far down do you see this correction.