Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FIBO Target Reached.

the 1376 area has been reached: Oct 4 ~ Oct 27  =  Nov 25 ~Feb 29

The next two weeks will be interesting.


Anonymous said...

Short the Dollar 79.40 (Friday 3-2)
Stocks will go up for another 2-3-4-5 or 6 weeks ?
(we know the answer)
Enjoy the weekend

Dolemite said...

Made this chart this morning

Angle from May 2011 High to Oct 4 low on this chart is 51 degrees down.
Projecting that back up gives us the may 2 2011 high price of 1373.5 on..... Mar 12, the day of the geocentric earth grand trine.....

also note the large scale rsi divergence through all of Feb

I think being long volatility will be the play
Whether we go up or down... we shall know soon

good luck to all!!