Saturday, July 28, 2012

U.S. Dollar INdex

U.S. Dollar Index

Here is an interesting chart that shows the geometric relationship between an advance and subsequent corrective decline.
The May 1 - June 1 advance AB is depicted by the red square and circle.
The June 1 - June 19 decline BC is depicted by the blue square

  • Note how BC is 1/2 of AB since 2(BC) touches the red circle. (yellow highlights)
  • AB = BD: THe corrective square is 1/2 the advancing square.
  • The colored grid on the right side of the chart indicates bullish and bearish levels.
  • 81-82 to act as strong support.
  • May 1 low + 90 days = July 30
  • June 1 high + 60 days = July 31


Chartrambler said...

very cool.Your charts almost look hand-drawn but I am assuming that is not the case.Just curious what software you use ?

Fibocycle said...

Actually my charts are hand drawn. I use (classic charts) to draw the squares and triangles using MS Paint. I use a excel spreadsheet to make my calculations then 'paint' them on the grid chart.I occasionally post a standard technical chart--only if some conventional indicators are forming bullish or bearish patterns. I do this for two reasons.
1. I cant find any software that does the trigonometric calculations that I use although there are so fine software programs that do Elliott and Gann analysis.
2. When I construct these charts by hand I get a much better feeling of what is going on in the markets. The result is that I tend to look at the markets much more objectively.

Charting is my passion and I take great interest in always finding new ways to incorporate sacred geometry and basic mathematics into analysis.

Fibocycle said...

By the way...Chartrambler is one of the first pages I look at when I wake up in the morning. I follow you on my Google Reader. Your charts and market knowledge fascinate me. You can contact me at pbres1618@gmail if you so wish.
Are you the person that visits my site from The City London every day?

Chartrambler said...

Wow thanks,I am honored,and thanks for the information.I really feel I am still finding my way with the Gann and cycle stuff...2 steps forward and 1 step back,it is very hard to get good information from someone who really knows,and again sometimes when trading simple is best,but it is a fascinating study.I have a course by David Bowden and have read a few books,Bryce Gilmore,Michael Jenkins and others but it can be hard to fit it together sometimes.I enjoy your site,I am in London,I don't visit every day but usually when I see there is a new site.I will send you my email address. Best wishes.

Fibocycle said...

cool..i will send you a great reference list of books and papers I have.