Thursday, August 30, 2012

HI-Tech Geometry

XLK Tech Select SPDR

Technical Chart

  • XLK is rising above the parallel support resistance based upon the June 4th low
  • 1st support at lateral from May 1st high
  • turning down from over-bought RSI

Geometric Chart

  • Square based on AB
  • Arc CE reaches maximum in TIME (pt. E) at the high while price is exactly at the epicenter (EC) of square ABD: Time & Price Harmonic
  • Epicenter of the secondary square (BCFD) is at the June 28th corrective low 
  • secondary square (BCFD) ends on Sept 12-16th. (Venus trine Uranus - New Moon)
  • Note how internal square are at both time and price pivots
  • Major support along BF diagonal
  • Note how June-July resistance was at point X which = 1/2 BD

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