Monday, August 13, 2012

Venus Square Uranus and The Square of Nine

30 years ago today--August 13, 1982 the S&P 500 made a low at 101.44

25 years ago -- on Aug 25 1987 the S&P made a high of 337.89

The charts below show the Venus-Uranus square and the S&P 500.
  • Venus is at 1428 on the Square of Nine
  • Uranus is at 1390 on the Square of Nine
  • The 45* line from the October 4th low intersects the 60* line from the June 4 low at 1391
  • The arc from the June 4th low intersects the 1391 area as well.
The 1391 level could act as a 'strange attractor' on Thursday for the S&P 500. This level could act as a harmonic balance point from which the market would base future movement. A rebound off 1391  could set up still higher prices, whereas a decline through 1391 could set up a intermediate term decline into the late October period. (October 30 +/- 5 days)

Guess we will just have to wait and see....


Unknown said...

What does that mean in laymans speak?

Fibocycle said...

The above chart depicts the Venus-Uranus square--the interaction of Venus and Uranus often being associated with market turns.(see Larry Pesavento's or Patrick Mikula's fine work on the subject)

Using Venus as the base--it is at 8* of Cancer which is 98*. If you look at a Gann Square of Nine the corresponding value for 98* is 1428. Since 90* and 120* are harmonics of a circle these values are located on the Square of Nine. 98*-188*(90)--218*(120)--278* (180)--338* (240)--and 8* (270). They can also be calculated as follows:
1428 + 90* = ((Sqrt1428)+ .5)*((Sqrt1428)+ .5)
1428 - 90* = ((Sqrt1428)- .5)*((Sqrt1428)- .5)
1428 - 120* = ((Sqrt1428)- .667)*((Sqrt1428)- .667)
1428 -180* = ((Sqrt1428)- 1.00)*((Sqrt1428)- 1.00)

These levels should act as support/resistance and it is not uncommon for the price of the underlying index, stock or commodity to be at one of the harmonics on the date of the planetary aspect...for example S&P at 1390, 1428...on the 16th.

If the S&P were at 1428 on the 16th and then reversed it would be a sign that an important top has been made and the Gann levels below should act as support. A spike to 1428 followed by a reversal would certainly be entertaining to witness.

Fibocycle said...

see Patrick Mikula's Course: Gann's Scientific Methods Unveiled Vol. I & II for excellent examples of this method.

Unknown said...

Thank you...crazy stuff.

Fibocycle said...

Crazy Planet !!!!!

Dolemite said...

What Pesavento work are you referring to if I may ask?
I have his "Astrocycles" and "fibonacci ratios with pattern recognition"
Is it one of these or another work entirely?

The Mikula stuff is good, I am trying to get though it in my spare time, which is limited these days ;)

Cheers bud

Fibocycle said...

I will get back to you with the references this currently travelling.

Dolemite said...

any luck on the Pesavento reference?
thanks bud!

Fibocycle said...

Planetary Harmonics of Speculative Markets, Pesavento 1990 pp 152-157

Astro-Cycles: The Trader's Viewpoint. Pesavento 1988 pp. 86-93