Saturday, September 29, 2012

S&P, Gold and TSX (Toronto)

S&P 500

  • Square and circle based on April-June decline
  • Ci Max harmonic with 1X2 fan line
  • Gann Levels to watch: 1465, 1427, 1390 & 1353
  • Harmonic Dates with 1465.77 Sept. 14 High October 7, 11 & 21st.



The squares and circles in the Cash Gold chart are based on the February-May decline.
  • Note the CIT near the maximum point of the circle--the December 2011 low.
  • Opposite maximum point is in the current time frame.
  • Horizontal Green support line is based on the center of square. (approx $1750)

TSX Composite (Toronto) 

Squares and circles are based on the February-May decline (AB).
  • Diagonal of square (AC) is resistance to the rally.
  • The resistance on the AC diagonal is also coincident with the maximum cycle point Cii. Note the CITs at the maximum points in time of Ci

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