Monday, September 10, 2012

S&P Square and Pentagonal Fractal Chart

S&P 500 

The charts below are based on  April 3 - June 4 correction
  • intersections are highlighted showing trend changes
  • the diagonal lines indicate support and resistance.
  • both the square and pentagonal fractal are indicating Sept 13-16 as a potential swing point.
  • the potential October CITs will be fascinating to watch unfold.

Harmonic Venus-Uranus Trine Wheel

Venus and Uranus are 120* apart geocentric at 0:46 EDT Thursday morning.
the Venus axis is at 1441 on the Square of Nine. Uranus is at 1390.
  • Venus harmonics are 1403, 1441, 1479, and 1517
  • Uranus harmonics are 1390, 1427, 1465 and 1504
    This levels should generate support and resistance. If the S&P was to approach 1441 or 1465 on Thursday there is a increased probability of a market reversal at that time.

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