Tuesday, September 4, 2012


S&P 500

The significance of the 1390-1395 harmonic is being tested as the market declines from the August 20th peak of 1426.68. There is not really that much to say other than the fact that if the S&P closes below 1390 it is likely the beginning of a intermediate term decline--which because it is Sept-Oct--could get nasty. Continue to monitor the 1390 level: it is VERY IMPORTANT just as 1428-1429 was important.

TLT: 20+ Treasury SPDR

Same as the S&Ps: not much to say other than the fact that prices are approaching the important level mentioned in the last update.


This is an interesting time for the US$.  A somewhat weak case can be made for the US $ attempting a low in this area since there are some time harmonics and the $ is slightly oversold--certainly not washed out though.
  • Dollar is approaching its 200 day moving average
  • Oscillators are near slightly oversold--but certainly not drastic or non-confirming
  • Geometric dates are compelling for a bottom of some sort near the Aug 31st Blue Moon.
 The geometric chart is interesting but not very informative for this time period.
  • The large square (ABCD) is based on the May-July rally, which is divided into 4 smaller squares defined by the mid point line EF.
  • The smaller blue square (XBZY)  is based on the June-July final rally.
  • The fact that prices have gone below the cycle arc at pt. H of the smaller square and the 1X2 fan line (DF) of the larger square impedes the bullish argument.
  • Perhaps the most interesting thing about this chart is the confluence of lines from both squares in late September. (denoted by the yellow highlights). When this is combined with the Harvest Moon (September 29th) - Federal Reserve Bank chart below it makes one wonder what is going to occur in the last week of September that will affect the US$.
 Harvest Moon transiting the FRB Natal Chart (Helio)

  • Note that the Harvest Moon occurs near the pentagonal hot spot on the FRB chart at 8* Aries. The harmonic is between 3 & 4 (3.2833*) degrees Aries.
  • The harvest moon has a little spice added in that the first full moon of the autumn is conjunct Uranus. This configuration is almost 90* from Pluto...Yikes
  • The moon and earth crosses the FRB pentagonal harmonic (3.2833) between Wednesday the 26th and Thursday the 27th.

Guess that we will have to wait and see.....


Dolemite said...

What planet in the FRB natal are you using as the fixed point to draw that pentagram?

Fibocycle said...

Saturn 15*17' Gemini 75.2833* Heliocentric