Monday, September 17, 2012

Why is 1465 Important?

S&P 500

On Monday September 10th I mentioned that "If the S&P was to approach 1441 or 1465 on Thursday there is a increased probability of a market reversal at that time." On Friday the S&P closed at 1465.77. Why is this level important? This is due to the vibrational harmonic of Uranus in this time frame.
  • September 13th: Uranus was 120 degrees from Venus
  • September 19th: Uranus is squared Pluto
  • September 20th: Uranus is opposed Mercury.
  • September 29th: Uranus conjunct Harvest Moon. (opposed both the Sun and square Pluto)
Uranus is currently at 7* Aries.

To determine the degree of a price level on a Gann Square of Nine the following formula can be used:
Sqrt(Price) x 180 = X
X -225 = Y
Y/360 = Z.zzz
Subtract the whole number Z to end up with .zzz
.zzz x 360 = The corresponding degree associated with the price.

If we use Friday's close of 1465.77 the following degree is ascertained.
SQRT of 1465.77 = 38.2853758
38.2853758 x 180 = 6891.36764
6891.36764 - 225 = 6666.36764
6666.36764/360 = 18.5176879
18.5176879-18 = .5176879
360 x .5176879 = 186.367644 degrees.
This is very close to 180 degrees from the position of Uranus.

This time frame also had a new moon (Saturday September 15th) which is often coincident with a market pivot.  The chart below shows that the S&P hit the parallel resistance line and then backed off into the close. While this may not mark the anticipated high it does suggest that the 1465 level should be closely monitored. This week sees some more Uranus action with Uranus squaring Pluto on Wednesday and opposing Mercury on Thursday. It should be noted that the market may hang in until the 29th when Uranus is conjunct the Harvest Moon at 7* Aries.

The market is becoming over-bought and the recent high is 1.272 the amplitude of the May-June correction. It is time to be cautious and to look for signs of a reversal.

TLT: 20 Year+ Treasuries.

 It is beginning to look like the low in rates is in. The precipitous decline in TLT since July 25th strongly suggests that the back of the great bull market is broken and that the secular bull market since 1981 may have seen its final days. Currently the market is quite oversold  and prices are at a 61.8% retracement of the March-July advance. Friday's low also touched the 1/2 square (ABFE) that is based on the March-July rally.(AB)


The US $ is very oversold and is at an important support level. There could be a sizable bounce in the dollar here but I think that a bottom will not likely be made until the September 25th time frame when the Fed natal chart becomes active. (more on that at a later date). Nevertheless, I expect the markets to become increasingly volatile as we approach October. The clowns at the Fed are looking increasingly desperate and once the markets begin to realize this there will be some crazy trading sessions. The US $ and the S&P usually move in sympathy with one another so keep a look out for a pivot on either--and of course, the VIX will reflect this if there is going to be fireworks in the financial markets.


Chartrambler said...

very interesting stuff Pete,thanks !

Fibocycle said...

You are welcome...this is a perpetual source of fascination for me.

Dolemite said...

Awesome stuff dude...
Quick question: why specifically Uranus in focus?
Can the same technique be of any use with Saturn, Jup, Nep, etc?
I know it CAN be but why the emphasis on what price Uranus implies.
Any clarity on this would be greatly appreciated

Fibocycle said...

Uranus is known as the planet of extremes which destroys the old and ushers in the new. It is symbolic of sudden change, disruption, and instability. When Uranus is 'aspecting' other planets market pivots can be expected--but not always guaranteed. I have found that the interaction of Venus and Uranus is particularly useful in market analysis--both geocentric and heliocentric.
AS far as the other outer planets are concerned I think it is prudent to watch Jupiter in relation to the stock market--, I have not had much luck with Neptune wrt to stocks but have found that it is pretty sensitive to oil. Gold I have found to be sensitive to Pluto.
Saturn is a major planet to watch since it is the ruler of Capricorn and therefore the ruler of the mid-heaven..(270*).
I also use Venus and Mars to act as the catalyst for events based upon the outer planets. Venus-Uranus is particularly good with the stock markets whereas Mars Saturn seems to effect the currency and bond markets.
And of course the moon and its North node should be kept an eye on--particularly with transits of natal charts like the Fed, NYSE, Euro and specific equity issues.
Larry Pesavento's books have very good synopsis' of these relationships.
I am using Uranus in this case sine it is having a busy month with the Venus, Sun and the Moon and of course the square with Pluto. I think that Mercury (20th) or the full moon (29th) could act as a trigger for market action.

Hope this helps.

Dolemite said...

It helps a lot.
Ty for the very thorough response!

DAX Swingtrader said...

Those. Who know don't talk, those who talk don't know.
When all traders on the right side who is wrong?
Be careful with your posts.

Fibocycle said...

I find your comment both intriguing and quizzical. Would you care to expound on your assertion?

Dolemite said...

Those who like to help others, do so of their own good will.
Those who like to attack them with poorly punctuated cliches will apparently do so as well ;)

Fibocycle said...

Was ... Kein Kommentar?

DAX Swingtrader said...

deutsch, wie wunderschön. Nach der Antwortszeit der ersten Response zu urteilen, müsstest Du auch in den Breitengraden wohnen?
Wo fange ich an, wo höre ich auf. Selbst diese Situation zu klären wären 2 Din A 4 Seiten unzureichend.

Am besten zuerst einmal mit: Ich respektiere Deine Arbeit voll und ganz und schätze sie im hohen Maße.

Laotse schrieb trotz diesen weisen Spruches ein Buch darüber. Hier zeigt sich das Dilemma in das jeder kommt, der sich mit Taoismus beschäftigt oder gar über ihn schreiben will. Schließlich muß ja der Versuch, das Unausdrückliche auszudrücken, das Unergründliche zu ergründen, scheitern.

Ich habe die Meinung, dass eben die Börse genau aus diesem Grund funktioniert- sie ist im Gleichgewicht(Das heilende Tao). Sie ist zu dynamisch zu wunderschön um sie in starre Bahnen zu quetschen.
Was aber auch nicht heißt, dass ich wie du denke und sie zum großen Teil determiniert ist.
Vordergründig geht es mir darum die Lehre zu wahren. Früher zahlten Trader ein Wert in Höhe eines Eigenheimes um an das Wissen zu gelangen.
Heute wird es fast auf jeden Blog verbreitet, der sich noch mit anderen Blogs verlinkt hat und so dass diese weiter verlinken.
Die Bilder von der hübschen Prinzessin Kate sind das beste Beispiel. Das Internet verkommt zum Misthaufen.
Der nachhaltige Umgang mit dem Medium ist nicht mehr gegeben und zeigt die wahre Identität der User in ihren ökonomischen Grundfesten.
Manche nennen es "Hilfe" um möglichst wenig für die Info zu zahlen andere nennen es den falschen Weg.
So werden die Menschen leider inhaltlich nicht reicher vielleicht sogar ärmer da verständnisloser.
Die Lehre dabei bleibt im Hintergrund.
Mit den besten Grüßen

Fibocycle said...

Thank You for your reply. I appreciate your insights and participation in the comments of this blog.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Einsichten, ich schätze Ihre Meinungen und Partizipation in den Kommentaren auf diesem Blog. Ich werde mein deutscher Freund sicherzustellen, dass ich völlig verstehen, was Sie geschrieben haben.