Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fibonacci and Nature

H/T  to Dolemite...Thank You Danny


Anonymous said...

Killer example that should make it to the textbooks!

Nifty_Movers said...

Hello Sir, I read your blog and learn charts. But I an indian and our market index nifty so can u please give nifty chart with time cycle ?and I want to learn TA so can u give me some books or material which can helpful for me.

Because u have different technics of TA and I m very intrested.

I m waiting for your positive reply.


Anonymous said...


Fibocycle said...

Thank You for visiting My Squiggly Lines.
Here is a list of websites of individuals who have been of great help to me. They have an array of services and publications that will be quite helpful.
Larry Pesavento: Larry has some of the best books and courses available. http://www.tradingtutor.com/
Arch Crawford:One of the best astro-technical analysts around. http://www.crawfordperspectives.com/
AL Larson: a genius and my mentor ( to whom I am very grateful): http://moneytide.com/hans/index.asp
Norman Winski: Astro-analysis at its best http://technical.traders.com/Products/company.asp?act=3995
Eric Hadik:Fibonacci and cycles http://www.insiidetrack.com/
Patrick Mikula: Gann http://www.mikulaforecasting.com/