Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nasdaq Composite

Nasdaq Composite:

 A weird confluence of cycles. Contemplate upon this.
  • The Green circle is based on radius BA = BE.  AE is the hypotenuse
  • The recent HIGH PRICE--the bright yellow circle was made at the 2X1 line extended from AG which is SQRT(5) units. (2.236)....at the same point in TIME that the square was completed at point E
  • Note Point C. The pale yellow circle is formed from the radius CB = CD. Considering only amplitude and not time BC = .618BA. The first thrust BC was .618 of the March June decline. 
  • If point C is extended horizontally it is extremely close to point E: hence the two circles intersecting at that point.
  • March 27 high to June 4 low is 69 days.  69 x 2.618 = 180 days. 180 days from March 27 was Sunday September 23rd. The high was made on Friday September 21st
So to recap:
  • Price found resistance at the 2X1 fan line which is 2.236 times the radii BE & BA at the same time that the large cycle AB has price harmony (.618) with the smaller cycle BC from the first thrust from the June 4th low.

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Dolemite said...

This might explain why Nasdaq is showing weakness relative to snp and dow since Sep 14.
How harmonious.... ;)