Friday, October 12, 2012

The Decline has Commenced

The trading square based upon the last significant decline--April 2 - June 4th has been violated which suggests that the next intermediate cycle decline has commenced,.
  • 1390-1395 remains to be a highly significant support level which should hold the market unless the seasonal factors are stronger than expected--which is a very high possibility.
  • Cycle interaction indicate that between now and November 5th a very large decline could occur.
  • Note that the market peaked  at the right extension of the trading cycle on September 14th (blue circle)


juve23 said...

Is it possible to draw this box in MT4 platform ?

Fibocycle said...

I am not that familiar with has been a long time since I have used pro trading platforms. I produce the boxes with a combination of inkscape (thx to Dolomite) and MS Paint. ...nothing fancy.... Check with MT and perhaps they would consider building it in to their platform--someone should.
Here is Inkscape free download site: