Thursday, April 11, 2013

5 Waves Up?


Dolemite said...

nice work
You're boy Bobby Precht would be proud ;)

Fibocycle said...

Ya Bobbi Prech-Prek...Wave Surfing DUDE. Boooob must be getting tired of waiting for the world to end. Proof that you can be an esteemed analyst and be totally wrong for decades.

Anonymous said...

I just woke up and saw red on the S&P am I dreaming LOL. This market cannot go down.

There is a UPWARDS channel on the daily S&P that is quite strong =>

I think there are 3 things at play.

1) Too many people go bearish.

2) Funds being pumped into asian markets needed to go somewhere? SO dumped into our US markets, instead of the emerging markets.

3) many people are saying "do not fight the fed" as ben bernanke now has a hobby of PRINT....PRINT....PRINT LOL.

We be interesting to see what happens next week and when the big bank report on FRIDAY.

Fibocycle said...

"CANNOT" is a very dangerous word with respect to trading!!!!!