Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Long 500 QID @ 17.40  November 7 2013   50%

BUY  500 QID @ market opening December 4, 2013 @ $16.15  50%

Average COST: $16.77

Stopped out of SHORT NQZ13 November 29, 2013  ($3000 loss: 3475-3325)


pimaCanyon said...

Seems like the market is a runaway train to the upside. I'm wondering why you keep shorting it? What would change your mind and make you decide that now is not the time to go short, but actually go long?

This is not a criticism, just trying to understand your thinking, what goes into your decision to short, and what criteria you would use to make a decision to reverse your decision and go long.

Fibocycle said...

The postings have been rather shoddy lately. The MZ 100 futues position was stopped out with a significant loss--the hazards of top-picking !!!

I have been looking at the various waves since the bottoms on the weekly charts and the 3400-3500 level is pretty harmonic from a geometric point of view. Since I expect a rather large decline in 2014 I am willing to hold the QID SHORT ETF for the time being and will look at a strategic stop once the 3450 level is broken.

This is admittedly very undisciplined but considering the state of the market I figure holding a modest position in QID is warranted.

pimaCanyon said...

Thanks, Fibo! Good weekend to you.